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Development, Application & Commercialisation of Gen AI Tools within your industry

Be inspired by the in-depth discussions featuring a stellar line-up of industry pioneers and visionaries, and unlock the wealth of knowledge that awaits you at this groundbreaking summit.

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12 September

Opening Session - Woolwich Suite

08.00 am

Registration & Networking

09.00 am

Opening Remarks from Organisers


09.05 am

Opening Remarks from Chair

Aisling Conlon,  International Trade Director, Advertising Association & Project Manager, UK House at SXSW and Cannes Lions

09.15 am

AI and Creativity

Daniel Hulme, CEO, Satalia; Chief AI Officer, WPP

A new perspective on how to think about AI and its application across ideation, productions and activation How organisations need to reinvent how they operate to unlock the creative capacity of their employees. The big questions facing humanity over the next decade, and why creativity is integral to creating a positive future.

09.40 am

Panel: The Perfect Symbiosis? Human-AI Collaboration

Tarv Nijjar, Global Senior Director, CX Transformation - Data Analytics & AI, McDonald's

Aurora Straton, Creative Lead, Google

Chris Branch, Founder & Marketing Director, Seedily; Page Founder & Chief Content Curator, Artificial Inspiration

The Future of Co-Creation with AI? Emerging trends - AI-generated art, AI-assisted storytelling, & AI-enhanced multimedia production. Optimising AI-Enhanced Workflows: Integrating AI into workflows to improve efficiency & foster collaboration. Nurturing the AI-Enabled Workforce: Strategies for talent development & skill-building. Cross-Industry Collaboration and Learning

10.20 am

Mixing Science with Art

Sanjeevan Bala, Group Chief Data & AI Officer, ITV

The value imperative. Reimaging the value chain. Pull vs push and amplified intelligence.

10.45 am

Panel: The Future Creative Economy: AI Opportunities and Challenges

Rupert Daniels, Director of Services & Skills at Department for Business and Trade, UK Government

Candina Weston, ex-CMO, Microsoft

Geoff Taylor, Executive Vice President, Artificial Intelligence, Sony Music Entertainment

A multi-perspective panel discussion on the possibilities for AI to revolutionise the UK's future creative economy, from government policy and experiential technology to artistic creation and content ownership. Key design principles should shape the future creative economy Multi-sector opportunities and challenges of generative AI The UK's position in the world's future creative economy

11.15 am


Stream 1:
Revolutionising Creative Campaigns - Woolwich Suite

11.45 am

Chairperson Address

Mark Whelan, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Havas UK

11.50 am

Adobe Generative AI - Supercharging Human Creativity & Experience Optimisation

Iona Walters, Strategic Creative Partnerships, Creative Cloud Enterprise, Adobe

As demands for content continue to explode under the pressure of time and budget constraints, embracing generative AI can accelerate creative ideation, content production, and deliver significant workflow and experience optimisation. In this ever-evolving landscape, join us to hear insights driving Adobe’s Generative AI innovations, along with the ethical and safeguarding measures being taken to give Enterprise organisations the confidence to adopt Adobe technologies and peace of mind their brands will be protected.

12.15 pm

Advancements in generative AI and the importance of open-source (Remote)

Tom Mason, CTO, Stability AI

12.40 pm

Panel: AI-Driven Content Strategies for High-Impact Campaigns

Sabrina Godden, Global Creative Director, Vodafone Creative Studio

Matt Cosad, Head of Data & Analytics, Kraft Heinz

James Harvey, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Dragonfly AI

Nick Goodchild, Vice President, Global Creative Direction, Tommy Hilfiger

AI-based content strategies tailored for top-performing ad campaigns. Overcoming challenges & best practices for successful AI implementation? Reality of AI usage in current campaigns: Why there is a cautious approach due to data protection, IP, and copyright infringement. The importance of ensuring authenticity when it comes to implementing and promoting AI in advertising. Risks of over-reliance on AI for content creation: potential for generic, formulaic output with diminished creativity & reduced human touch. Analysing the impact of AI on agency-client relationships and collaboration

13.20 pm


Stream 1:
Data-Driven Insights for Enhanced Consumer Engagement
Woolwich Suite

14.15 pm

Chairperson Address

Kevin Joyner, Director of Data Strategy, Croud

14.20 pm

Empowering Creativity and Content with GenAI

Lauren Walker, Head of Data & Analytics, Accenture Song UKI

Christina Rapsomanikis, Global VP Digital & eCommerce, Mars Pet Care


14.45 pm

Consumer Engagement: How to Leverage Gen-AI to Build Next Generation Consumer Activations

Othman Bennis, Global Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, L'Oreal

Creating a seamless experience across multiple channels by combining the best of editorial content & persuasive copywriting to engage audiences effectively. Achieving brand voice consistency and alignment with values. Upholding journalistic integrity & ethical considerations. Identifying & mitigating biases present in AI-generated content, & actively working towards fostering diversity in brand storytelling with a focus on localisation.

15.10 pm

Delivering Business Impact with AI

Tarv Nijjar, Global Senior Director, CX Transformation - Data Analytics & AI, McDonald's

15.35 pm

Unleashing the Power of AI in Predictive Marketing & Shopping Analytics 

Sunando Das, Global Head of Predictive Analytics, CMI, Unilever

AI and ML in marketing applications across demand prediction, growth opportunity identification, investment optimization, predicting & shaping consumer behaviour, & testing the impact of initiatives. AI transforms these applications through efficiency improvements (no-code & low-touch solutions), delivering previously untapped business outcomes, & providing real-time, scalable granular outcomes. The session discusses AI's role in driving these transformations with business impact across markets & various applications. The discussion will shift to how Large Language Models can enhance these applications & the challenges involved. Key challenges include the adequacy of pre-trained models on public data, the impact of combining own data with public data, and harnessing pre-trained vs. refined vs. re-trained models.

16.00 pm


Stream 1:
Expanding Frontiers in Social Media Content & Marketing Strategies

 Woolwich Suite

16.30 pm

Chairperson Address

16.35 pm

Panel: Embracing AI in Consumer Engagement & Marketing

Heidi Bailey, Group VP, Futures & A.I., The Integer Group + TPN

David Granger, Content Director, Cinch


Integrating AI across the Marketing Funnel. The Human-AI Partnership: Opportunities for collaboration, skill enhancement, & value creation. Delving into the potential of AI to decode & leverage consumer emotions for creating highly resonant marketing campaigns. Addressing the challenges & responsibilities associated with data collection, storage, & usage. Measuring AI's ROI: Identifying the KPIs for evaluating the success & effectiveness of campaigns. Future-Proofing Marketing Strategies.

17.05 pm

Empowering Creativity: Generative AI in TheSoul Publishing's Content Strategy

Victor Potrel, VP Content Distribution, TheSoul Publishing

Leveraging AI for ideation: How TheSoul Publishing uses generative AI to inspire creative ideas across its platforms like 5-Minute Crafts, Bright Side, and 123 GO! Streamlining content creation & distribution: Integrating AI tools in the different stages of the production and distribution process to reduce repetitive tasks, increase efficiency and improve performance. Adapting to a changing audience: Analysing and forecasting audience trends, enabling TheSoul Publishing to cater to the evolving preferences of their global audience.

17.30 pm

Panel: Adding Value to Social Media Engagement

Brett Welch, VP Product, Photo, Lightricks

Maria Laura Scuri, VP Labs & Community Integrity, ESL FACEIT Group (EFG)

Cultivating authentic relationships between brands and consumers on social media, fostering loyalty & trust. Investigating the potential of intelligent tools in providing personalised content & recommendations, ultimately boosting user engagement & satisfaction. Application of data analytics to refine conversational techniques, leading to continuous enhancement of user experiences. Envisioning the Future of Social Media Interactions: The impact of emerging technologies on reshaping the way users & brands communicate & engage on social media platforms.

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