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Meet the organisers....

The team that is leading the Generative AI for Creative Industries conference carries a profound commitment to the power of collaboration. We understand the significance of collective ideation and cooperation, particularly during periods of significant technological progress that we are currently experiencing. This belief in collaboration stems from our firsthand experiences of how unifying a diverse group of thought leaders, key decision-makers, and pioneering innovators can ignite dynamic conversations and stimulate substantial change. We ardently believe in the potential transformative power that lies at these intellectual and creative intersections.

The organising team has accrued an impressive wealth of experience managing a broad portfolio of events that span across three continents. These events have featured a range of top-tier executive speakers, each contributing to the rich tapestry of discourse and innovation that marks our conferences. Collectively, over the last decade, we have been proud to host more than 300 events, with about 45,000 attendees registering.

Whether we are managing large-scale exhibitions attended by thousands or planning intimate, invite-only breakfast briefings, we've developed a variety of B2B event formats. We are driven by a passion for delivering stimulating content from industry-leading speakers and creating environments that are conducive for expanding your business networks.

In the interest of transparency and fostering a deeper connection with you, we invite you to explore our team's LinkedIn profiles. Here, you can gain a better understanding of their rich experience, varied talents, and diverse skill sets. We want to assure you that with us, you're in capable and experienced hands.

You will see below a picture of the last conference we hosted at the Emirates Summit in June 2023, which focused on web3 and had 500 attendees.
We eagerly look forward to guiding you through this exciting exploration of the potential of Generative AI in the creative industries. Your journey of discovery and innovation begins here.

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